Hi I'm Andrew,


A little about me - I am a consultative, innovative & commercially astute Senior IT Leader with over 20 years’ of experience within B2B, B2C, legal, professional, technology, consulting and international corporate sectors.


What do my employers want = A listener and someone who can provide objective advice. They want someone who can find new and better ways of working and then deliver that change into operation. They want someone who is creative and flexible, who can solve problems on the fly whilst not losing sight of the stated objectives - even if the objectives themselves morph over time.




Why should they choose me = Because I have a passion for technology and using it to deliver new ways of working. Because I am good at getting the best out of those around me. I see businesses as a series of systems that generate value, and I keep my head in a crisis.



How do I deliver these things = By putting the right people in the right teams, and using the right technology. By being approachable and fair minded, by driving and supporting curiosity and change, and by enabling others to do their best work.


My leadership style is strong but inclusive with an emphasis on open communication. I  am able to translate business requirements into tangible, realistic technology deliverables and outcomes.


I'm an accomplished leader of people, and am able to align business and individual goals to get the best out of teams, optimise performance and deliver required results.


I have successfully driven change management, business transformation, service transition, project strategies, key client development, operational improvement, outsourcing, IT migration & business benefits realisation.


I love what I do, and take great pride in providing a skilled and thorough service to businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes throughout the Thames Valley and London. 


Some accomplishments and the tools used/areas affected:

  • Strategy and financial planning (Creation of rolling plan in line with Business objectives, Migration from CapEx to OpEx, Skills and People forecasting)
  • Roadmaps (Capability based planning in line with strategic objectives, What do we need, why do we need it, how are we going to delver and when, Programme Management)
  • Tendering & contract negotiation (Hardware, software, professional services, support, Reductions in cost or improvements in scope are usually main goals)
  • IT Teams (Migration from generalists to specialists, International teams, Operations, Development, Projects, Outsourcing and partnering where required, Motivation and Mentoring, Development and Discipline)
  • Insourcing (SQL DBA/Dev's, Ethical Hacker, Network Operations Centre, Software Development, Project Management & PMO)
  • Outsourcing (Infrastructure, Backup/Continuity, Continuity/Incident testing, Security, Penetration testing, Incident response, Document scanning & Archive, 3rd line engineers)
  • Standardisation (ISO for internal targets, client retention and latterly GDPR, ITIL for internal processes in line with achieving ISO, Internal best practice for ensuring repeatability and quality control in day to day delivery and decision making, project management and continuity events)
  • Project Management (Creation of Department, team, and PMO processes, Establish and update best practice, Matrix management, Tailoring of Prince2, Agile, SixSigma, Selection and training of PM, BA, SME and Product owners, Management of Business teams and Technical teams, Internal and external people and process management, creation and analysis of time codes for project work
  • Process digitisation and automation (Enterprise SharePoint Ecosystem - Task = Enable fee earning staff to focus on higher profile tasks, Enable back office to directly generate fees and work at a higher level with more consistent results whilst generating data for KPI and SLA. SixSigma for identifying where to start and where to go next, Prince2 for overall programme and financial management, Scrum for delivery of Hardware, Software and development, Change management for getting and keeping people on board. Included Workflow redesign and migration, Document production, Case management, Remote working, One source of truth for Data, Interfaced with many other systems (DMS, K2, SQL, Practice Management, Intranet, Extranet, Website, Box, Security and Information barriers, HR, Finance, Conference system and Unified comms) Matrix Management of Internal & External teams)
  • Document & Content Management Systems (Migration from traditional file systems to - SharePoint, Box, Restore, Relativity. Used Matrix management to organise the teams, Performed a full security review, Included Workflow creation & Automation)
  • Practice Management systems (Migration from legacy Unix system to SQL, Case transfer, Workflow rationalisation & transfer, Prompt list migration, COMUS, Inprotech)
  • InfoSec solutions (Perimeter, EndPoint, MDM, Data encrypted at rest, User education, Secure remote multi device access, Hardware and Software for Red-Zone travel, Temp access and devices for clients and Interns)
  • IaaS (Systems/Capabilities graded and migrated to different tiers, Training of maintenance teams, Tender and contract negotiation, SLA and KPI creation and monitoring, Rackspace, TeleCity, Softcat)
  • SaaS (Email Archive & Continuity, Service Desk, Unified comms, eDiscovery, Backup & Continuity, Marketing Platforms, Source Control, Training platform)
  • Customer Relationship Management (Mapping cleaning and migration of data, Rationalisation migration and creation of workflows, Training, compliance, Inprotech, Tikit)
  • Premises expansion and relocation (Workarounds for Listed/Historic buildings, Ground up bespoke office and data centre design and fit out, Remote sites and international satellite offices, Agile and flexible working, Client suite, Conference suite, Physical and Information security, Building Management Services, Migration of live services, Enhanced continuity, headcount expansion, Resilient infrastructure and internet connectivity, Management of 3rd Parties)
  • Wired and Wireless networking (Listed/Historic buildings, New Build, Multi-tenant occupation, Multi floor/zone connectivity, Conference suite and client facing, Restricted access)
  • Unified comms (Improve, secure and segment network, IP telephony, Presence, Instant messaging, Conferencing, Collaboration tools, Remote access, Answering services, Global roaming and support)
  • Client facing software (Bespoke Web based client facing software, Enabling production of fixed quotes, Job/Case tracking and amendment, Secure communication, Automation of correspondence, Interfaced with several other systems, Penetration testing, Developed inline with SLA and KPI, Reactive to changes in Law and legislation, Scalable, Full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Test Driven Development (TDD), Prince2, Agile)
  • Integration of new business units (Introduction of Litigation business unit into a Patent Attorney, Physical working areas, Electronic working areas, New ways of working, Physical and data security, Updates to many internal policies and procedures including continuity, security and information barriers)
  • Migration of services from physical to virtual and from on-Prem to off-Prem (Systems/Capabilities graded and migrated to different tiers, Training of maintenance teams, Tender and contract negotiation, SLA and KPI creation and monitoring, Hybrid Infrastructure monitoring, VMWare, Hyper- V, Clustering)
  • Intranets, Extranets and Websites (Surfacing of data and dashboards for decision making, Enforcement of processes and procedures, data generation inline with KPI and SLA, Internal and external collaboration, Security, Brand awareness and maintenance
  • Conference rooms and facilities (State of the art non intrusive conference suites for internal and external meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, confidential and public discussions, Recording of voice and data if required, Self service booking)
  • Digital dictation (Mapping, streamlining and creation of workflows, KPI and SLA data generation, Dictaphones, Mobile devices, Secure global remote working, Dragon, Big hand, Winscribe)
  • HR Systems (Mapping, streamlining, creation and automation of workflows, Creation of Self-Service, Secure remote access, Information request response under the DPA and latterly GDPR)
  • Finance systems (Integration with Practice Management and billing System, Budget control, Financial forecasting)
  • Building Management Systems (Building and Data Centre - Access control, CCTV, Power, Plumbing, Light, Heat, Cooling, PA system, Incident response, Redcare)
  • Data Centre, Server & Comms rooms (Scope, Spec and fit out, Migration of servers and services, Incident response, and maintenance)
  • Auditing & Asset management (Reduction in YOY per head operational spendInstallation and maintenance of management software, Response to supplier Audit requests such as Microsoft and Adobe, Data cleansing, cost reduction, Migration from CapEx to OpEx where appropriate, Supply chain assessment


If you'd like to get in touch please drop me a line here - info@itande.uk