The summer slow down...

 Are you looking at the next couple of months and thinking, how am I going to:

  • Cover my IT Director or Head of IT in their absence
  • Keep your key projects and tasks moving
  • Have cover on hand to manage any escalated day to day or mission critical events
  • Give your team leaders someone to bounce ideas off

The key here is to have a plan. You don't want to find that you haven't got anyone capable of leading incident resolution when you are in the middle of one, and you can't assume that things will keep ticking over on major tasks and projects without someone on hand to give them a steer and make a judgement call when the time comes.


Once you have had a chance to think about what needs covering and put it into a form that can be communicated to service providers you should warn them that their usual contact is unavailable from X to Y and that you would like them to step up and help with Z during this period.


In many cases a simple call or email to your account manager is all that will be needed, and often this uplift in cover will be free of charge.


In those cases where relying on someone you can't speak to instantly face to face is not good enough, you should consider hiring temporary cover. This comes in many forms, from part time to full time, from full job role cover to specific project or task cover and delivery.


IT&E can provide temporary or interim IT Management cover on both a full and part time basis. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any specific roles, projects or tasks.


Happy holidays!