Data Assets

Thought for the day - Data is touted as one of our most valuable assets. If this is the case then why are so many businesses using it to look backwards rather than forwards? Data is valuable, but data literacy and the ability to derive insights from is is many times more valuable than the data alone. You don't need to be a business intelligence specialist in order to clean, organise, slice and dice your information using BI tools such as Looker, Power BI and even Google Analytics. You can setup self service dashboards and natural language queries out of the box and empower your decision makers giving them the ability to access the right information when they need it. Don't forget it would be wise to review the terms you collected the data under and what you want to do with said information so that you don't fall fowl of the GDPR if audited in the future - this is especially important if your data lake has come about as the result of M&A activity. Keywords: hashtagBigData, hashtagBusinessIntelligence, hashtagLooker, hashtagPowerBI, hashtagGoogleAnalytics, hashtagDigitalTransformation