Are you running your IT department like a business?

Thought for the day - Are you running your IT department like a business? If not, why not? Running a department like a business will put you and your wider organisation in a strong position for running day to day operations effectively and efficiently. But perhaps more importantly, it will put you in an agile position for dealing with growth and change. You will need to look outside of your team to the wider business plan, and to the plans of the other departments so that you can work out what goals and capabilities you will need to enable and support - If your peers or the business do not have a strategy/roadmap then you will need to help them create one. With this information to hand you can define your products, and plan the delivery of existing and new capabilities. This will include all resources, including finance, space, people, skills equipment and tools. Once you have your business plan, share it with your teams, peers and advisors for feedback, adjust and put the wheels in motion - not forgetting to set multiple review points along the way. You now have the foundations in place for maintaining the status quo whilst, enabling and driving change. Keywords: hashtagDigitalTransformation, hashtagLeadership