Internal Branding and Marketing as tools for delivering change

Thought for the day - Internal Branding and Marketing as tools for delivering change. Having a great new product or tool, needing to comply with an internal directive or an external standard and wanting to update a way of working are all positive reasons for change. But even with the best intentions, the best product and a flawless technical delivery, you can still miss the mark if you fail to get your people on board with what you are doing and why you are doing it. Your Marketing team know your business and its products inside out, they understand your culture, office politics and people, and it's their job to drive brand awareness and sell. They can help you achieve buy in to change and deliver your message in a way that is user friendly and easy to accept. Next time you are putting together a change programme or project plan ask your marketing group for input and make them part of your team. Keywords: hashtagMarketing, hashtagProjectManagement, hashtagDigitalTransformation, hashtagChangeManagement