Constant Change = Constant Training

Thought for the day - Re-skilling the workforce & how constant change will require constant training. The headlines are all about the latest technology and how we all need to run our projects in an Agile way, failing fast and transforming our organisations. But I have not seen or heard much about how we train our people to deliver this new Digital Nirvana? How can we transform our training methods in order to keep up with customer expectation and organisational change? I have always thought that the Business Analyst and Trainer skill set are very complementary and would suggest that we cross skill individuals and teams, thus creating short feedback loops between the products/changes being created and the users using them. This should mean that our continuous improvement ambitions are enabled and supported by a continuous training platform. Said platform should take advantage of modern tools and techniques to deliver and prove that training has taken place and that recipients have understood. Keywords: hashtagDigitalTransformation, hashtagTraining, hashtagBusinessAnalyst, hashtagContiniousImprovement, hashtagAgile