You don't want to miss the boat!

Thought for the day - You don't want to miss the boat - I believe that the companies most at risk of missing the current shift towards a customer centric redesign and being sidelined by new entrants and savvy competitors are those that have 'good enough' systems and processes right now. The board that will be hardest to convince to invest in further change is probably the one that has recently completed a multi year programme of work across the whole firm, modernising systems and processes and bringing themselves up to a level that was agreed on many months ago, but that does not reflect the current state of the market and customer expectations. Everyone says we should be most worried about the new entrants to our market, with no legacy systems to worry about, and an Agile approach to business and growth. However, there is another type of business that is poised to make a move, and that is the one who has chronically underinvested in recent years. These underinvesters know their market and customers, and they have less to lose on the balance sheet by jumping into investment right now. They can take advantage of lower costs to change, an Increased number of tools and can leapfrog competition. Keywords: hashtagDigitalTransformation, hashtagAgile, hashtagCustomerCentric