You don't need to go all in on Automation.

You don't have to automate a process end to end in order to take advantage of automation. In fact, stopping at 70 or 80% will likely increase acceptance and help you create good will and the foundations for future development. Go for quick wins rather than the best ROI to build momentum and buy in - Look to your existing systems and capabilities before outsourcing or developing in-house, as I am sure you will be surprised at the untapped potential in your existing staff and software. The aim of Automation is to deliver a higher quality product in less time and with less risk. This is a sensible goal, but don't forget that to truly realise those benefits you have to have a plan for what to do with your saved time and improved product! Keywords: hashtagDgitalTransformation, hashtagRPA, hashtagIPA, hashtagAutomation, hashtagChangeManagement