Strategy and Delivery

Struggling to get enough traction to deliver on your strategic goals? Consider mapping your value drivers as a way of locking your strategic direction into tactical and operational delivery. Measuring your team and business performance against value creating activities rather than short term goals will help you focus your entire organisation on growth and efficiency by creating a link between the problem your customer has and what your business does to solve it for them. A good way to start this is by creating a map of value generating activities and decisions. This allows you and your team to take a step back and connect the dots between day to day activities, strategic goals and what the customer does and does not like. With map in hand, you can now look at the items inside your control and work out how you can gain advantage or improvement by changing them. You can also look at the items outside your control and work out what risk management actions you need to take. In this rapidly accelerating world, the guiding light of a strategy that is being clearly achieved can galvanise and engage your team, helping to temper the heat that is coming from constant change. Keywords: hashtagDigitalTransformation, hashtagChangeManagement, hashtagStrategy