Checklists save lives!

They also lead to successful project and task delivery. I like to start any piece of work by asking and answering the following questions on one side of paper. The completed sheet then sits on top of the work file as the first thing anyone see's when coming across it. The answers form the basis for an executive summary, a business case, a project plan (regardless of methodology), resource planning, measuring benefits and managing risk. If you or anyone coming to you with a proposal cant answer all of these questions then pause until they can be answered: 1 - What are we doing? 2 - Why are we doing it? 3 - How are we going to do it? 4 - What resources do we need? 5 - What is going to get in our way? 6 - How do we know we are making progress? 7 - How do we know when we are done? 8 - When are we going to do it? Keywords: hashtagChecklist, hashtagProjectManagement, hashtagChangeManagement, If you like what you read then please connect with me on LinkedIn or email me -