Don't let Debt make decisions for you

Technical debt is not that different from financial debt: Overstretching ourselves on loan that is keeping us in a job that we hate is not a million miles away from not being able to start that digital transformation pilot because we have too many P1’s coming into the helpdesk. Paying down your debt starts with making everything visible. Once you understand the size and shape of the problem you are dealing with you can create a plan. I recommend light change control and solid communication channels. Your plan needs to be flexible enough to change with the reality of day to day ups and downs, such as a broken down washing machine or an email system outage, and you need to have delegated decision making to the right level to enable these new temporary priorities to move up the list. You don't want to have to hold a family meeting in order to replace or repair the washing machine and you don't want to have to speak to all your stakeholders before bringing email back online. The reality is, that with a plan, you can deal with these temporary setbacks and still make meaningful progress towards your goal of becoming debt free. Keywords: hashtagDigitalTransformation, hashtagTechnicalDebt, hashtagChangeControl, hashtagWashingmachine