If you're having #Privacy problems I feel bad for you son...

...I got 99 articles but #Compliance ain't one!

Well #GDPR is back in the headlines thanks to #BA and their recent data breach. Rather than write yet another article about how good or bad their reaction was, I wanted to draw some attention to the less headline grabbing aspects of Data Breaches and GDPR.

Data breaches and subsequent data loss understandably gets headlines and raises awareness, but what about a breach without a data loss, or one that is using the breach as cover for something else? Looking inside rather than outside is equally if not more important.

Let's take the example of a breach leading to data being changed instead of taken - What happens if you are a law firm (or its client) and your Patent is filed with incorrect data? What do you do if you are a scientific organisation and some of your research data has been changed? How do you know the data you have bought from someone else such as in FMCG, to base an acquisition on is correct? Having a plan for data loss is very important, but we must not forget that we also need one for ensuring data validity - We are all part of a wider supply chain after all.

Another example of looking inside when all the headlines are outside is GDPR compliance. In the grand scheme of things you are much more likely to receive a request from a customer or employee relating to their data than you are to either run an audit yourself or be audited by an external body. Not having a plan for responding to and efficiently dealing with these requests could cripple several departments, that might not sound too bad... But who and what else will they now be holding up as a consequence of dealing with time bound GDPR responses?

Going into which tools or plans to use would be difficult as they will likely be different for every situation, but if you have a specific scenario that you would like some advice on I'd be happy to help.

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