Evolution will deliver the Revolution!


Tomorrows successful businesses will have migrated away from big bang changes to a constant incremental change model. 


As ever, people are the key to succeeding and delivering in this constant state of flux. Providing them with some stability in your Business’ Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives (VMVO), will provide the foundations for creating strategies and action plans that they can then use to derive benefit from change.


First of all, decide if you actually need to change something, don't just do it for the sake of it. As with most things, measurement here is key. You can be using the latest management techniques and tools but if your data is off, they will not be of any use, and could actually lead you to waste time and money.


Once you have used your data to show what needs to be changed and how you are going to measure your results once changed, I recommend pushing the responsibility for changing it (or at least defining the change) to those directly affected by it.


Not everyone will embrace change, so you will need to define several ways to help bring them along with you. These can range from simply knowing what is in the VMVO, being involved in measuring what to change, and deciding how to change it, to being part of the project team and signing off on the alteration and its results.


Your ideal end state will be a successfully implemented change, with proven benefits being measured, and a team that is already planning on what to improve next.