I am fortunate to have become a friend and mentor to many of the people that I have worked with over the years. Here are some highlights: 


SG - Andrew is clear and concise in his requirements and always upfront in what he does and doesn't like. This makes Andrew excellent and easy to work with. Andrew knows his Technology but more importantly has an excellent handle on what is important from an IT perspective to a business. Personable and definitely someone you would have a beer with, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Andrew over the last 10 years.


CS - Andrew was a pleasure to work with during our 5+ years working together. He was a strong leader of the IT team in a time of significant change, and provided significant levels of support during several high profile projects whilst managing the expectations of key business stakeholders.


Any organisation would benefit from Andrew's leadership qualities and fantastic support he provides to his team.


CD - Andrew and I worked for several years on a business wide transformational IT project which made significant demands of the IS&T team. Andrew, as head of IS&T, organised his team to deliver constant and timely support for the project ensuring its success while maintaining business as usual. On a personal level it has been a pleasure to work with Andrew because he combines a high level of business and technical knowledge with a rare ability to communicate and delegate.


TC - I had the pleasure of working with Andrew as a client of mine. I found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable on the business and IT aspects of the project, and had great project skills. Andrew is also a really pleasant person to work with.


HB - Andrew was head of IT for a law firm for whom my business was creating custom software. He took a business outcomes lead approach and translated those desires into the language of IT to ensure everyone had a mission and objectives they could understand. No just what and how, but the why. This resulted in clear plans, smooth execution and a pleasure to work with.


AC - I have worked with Andrew for over 10 years, and I can honestly say that he is a great man manager with a very strategic mind. Andrew's ability to problem solve complex business issues is dynamic and objective and he has a thorough understand of IT strategy, project/programme management, relationship management and budget management. 


As a leader Andrew is approachable, empathic and conscientious and because he leads from the front these attributes provide a fluid and productive working environment. The teams that he has assembled are intelligent, hardworking and reliable individuals which is a true reflection of his decision making and eye for talent.


Andrews guidance has shaped my career, and I truly feel that I would not be where I am now without his help and support. He is a great mentor and I appreciate the time I have spent working with him.


JB - I’ve known and worked with Andrew for over a decade now and he’s always been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Consistently fair and always professional, he always had the interests of the company at heart. 


From the beginning I knew that Andrew would be someone I was going to enjoy working with and we formed a good relationship over the years. During this time Andrew introduced me the key members of the business and we helped deliver a number of successful projects together. I’ve always found Andrew approachable, supportive and a good communicator and it was clear his teams thought very highly of him also. 



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